Frequently Asked Questions

Californians can use BenefitsCal to claim public benefits through the end of November. General support and help. Customers no longer need to visit multiple locations. Request and maintain services. They can then access online to access their accounts, view their Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) balance, message a colleague, upload documents, update family information and schedule appointments. is an easy way to request, view and renew health, food and cash benefits. BenefitsCal Login is the first automated national website created by and for the people of California. Together we profit.

There is a new version of Login BenefitsCal. C4Yourself has been replaced by BenefitsCal to provide Californians with a consistent experience. This summary provides an overview of system-wide benefits for qualified employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am registered on a now-defunct California welfare portal (Your Benefits Now, MyBenefits CalWIN or C4Yourself). Should I sign up for something new?

Not at all, but you will need to change your email address, make a new password, and select and answer security questions.

Do I need to send an application if I make an account?

Registration is not available. Once you’ve signed up and logged in, go to the My Instructions on how to submit a registration.

In other words, am I allowed to have multiple accounts?

As the primary contributor on all of the customer’s instances, that is possible. Your email address is unique to you, so you can only have one account.

My CalFresh payments were not disbursed. When will this thing end?

Contact the county welfare agency in your area if you have any questions about your CalFresh payments.

Once I enroll in CalFresh, when will I start receiving my benefits?

Food stamp benefits are loaded onto EBT cards within the first 10 days of each month in every California county except Los Angeles.